My experience with Affiliate Marketing

I make roughly 55K a year at my job and that is a decent amount of money for the most part. 2007/8 taught me that I need more than one income stream. A friend that sells products on Amazon told me about his second income stream. I listened to him for about a year and decided to take the leap of selling products online. Between Ebay and Amazon I have made about 14K(only about 5k in profit)in about 8 months. I felt good about having a second income stream but it is a lot of work. I am constantly researching products to buy, checking to see how much I will make on each sale, and shipping items after each sale. I recommend a research tool at for anyone that is into E-commerce. I would not sell anything on Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify without checking out the this tool.

To make a long story short, I wanted a passive income stream that I could set up without the hassle of shipping and receiving. I researched making money online and I found more advantages to affiliate marketing than drop shipping. The concept seems simple; advertise other people’s products or services and I get paid. I will be rich in no time is what I was thinking. I can go ahead and tell you that anything worth having is going to take some work. I tried a program at High Traffic Academy. You watch a video a day and do what Vic and Jason tell you to do. I was highly motivated until I had it all set up and didn’t make any money. I had the custom funnel set up with an autoresponder. I might have been impatient but I gave up after about two weeks. I went back to the drawing board. I had to find a more successful way to do affiliate marketing. I found Clickbank and signed up for Clickbank University. This was a step by step systematic approach to affiliate marketing. “I am going to be making money in no time”, is what I said to myself. I learned how to become a vendor and have affiliates advertise my products or services. I did not make any money using Clickbank so I left Clickbank University after a month but I still have some affiliate links that I advertise for. I also made  pages on Facebook to drive traffic to my affiliate products.  I created Niche Finders and Audio Books. I have a page for my Ebay store Necess It E. I know I will eventually start making money at affiliate marketing but it is frustrating starting out. As you learn the ins and outs of being an affiliate just remember it is a process. I am still amazed that I can put in a hyperlink. Don’t give up  and remember you are not the only one that hasn’t had a lot of success. When I find something that works I will share it. Time for more marketing. Later.